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(Gunmakers) Ltd Established 1932
Telephone: 01962 840055

UK Gun makers B.E Chaplin specialise in traditional shotguns and hunting rifles, second-hand guns, gun repairs and engraving and country wear and clothing. Established in 1932 B.E Chaplin provide excellent, personalized and valued service.

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Guns & Gun Repair

B.E.Chaplin has been making & repairing guns since 1932.
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UK Gun Shop

Gun Shop – Shooting Accessories & Country Clothing

Our shop stocks an extensive range of shooting accessories.

UK Gun Shops, Picture of Guns for Sale

Does your gun fit?

Why not take advantage of the Spring and Summer to get your gun properly fitted to you and be on top form come next shooting season!

We make no charge for a gun fitting, it takes approximately 30 minutes and we only charge for any subsequent stock alterations, which normally take around 2 weeks to complete - ring for an appointment.

Air Rifles & Pistols

Shotgun Cartridges

Secondhand Guns

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